Pioneer Spirit

Our early Pioneers joined together to work for necessary facilities, competent doctors and modern equipment. It has been this "Pioneer Spirit" that has prevailed again and again over the years and met the challenges facing the people of Cavalier County.

The CCMH Foundation is based on that same cooperative pioneer spirit. The involvement and commitment of the community has, since the Foundation's inception in 1986, provided the community's healthcare facility with needed equipment and improvements.

The CCMH Foundation's endowment annually provides interest dollars for projects determined by the Board of Directors in addition to the Annual Fund Drive. Over the years, the community through the Foundation has provided over $1,400,000 to the Cavalier County Memorial Hospital & Clinics.


High school seniors graduating in 2017 who are planning to pursue a career in a healthcare field are invited to submit an application for the Foundation's scholarship. Instructions for completion are included on the application.

Download 2017 Foundation Scholarship Application



President – Valerie Olson
Vice President – Rita Wirth
Secretary/Treasurer – Greg Goodman
Mark Busse
Megan Ottem
Patrick Hoffarth


McKinzie Sivertson


Margaret Hiltner

Recognition of Support

Gifts of all sizes and from all donors will be accepted with much gratitude. The following levels of recognition have been established:

PIONEER - $25,000 and above
FOUNDER - $10,000 to $24,999
BENEFACTOR - $5,000 to $9,999
GRANTOR - $1,000 to $4,999
BUILDER - $500 to $999
FRIEND - $100 to $499
HONOR ROLL - $1 to $99


*As a Pioneer, Founder, Benefactor or Grantor, your name will be permanently inscribed on a special memorial wall in the lobby of the Cavalier County Memorial Hospital. All other gifts will be registered in a Book of Honor which will be kept in the hospital lobby.

For more information on gifting options and upcoming events, contact McKinzie Sivertson at the Foundation Office: 909 Second Street, Langdon, ND 58249 • 701-256-6139. Email us for general Foundation information.