Project Purpose: Cavalier County Memorial Hospital, in partnership with Cavalier County Health Department, conducted a community needs assessment of the areas in which we serve. The intention was to discover the wants, needs, and desires of our population as it relates to health care related issues. This project was entered into with the understanding that many social factors affect the overall health of the community. For this reason, a variety of questions were asked to gain a full understanding of communities' values as it relates to their health care decisions. To entice individuals to participate, CCMH used its personal funds to purchase prizes, for a random drawing from all that participated.

Project Results: After 2 weeks of collecting results, CCMH collected 203 responses. Thirty-three questions were asked and the majority of individuals answered all questions. The top areas of opportunity for CCMH were as follows: 

  1. Availability of our providers

  2. Availability of dental care

  3. Ability to recruit physicians to the area

  4. Lack of knowledge of services offered locally

  5. Loss of patients to competing health systems

  6. Obesity/Diabetes/Poor Nutrition

  7. Depression/Mental Health

While there were many more areas of opportunity, CCMH believes that it will take a community effort to accomplish many of these goals. CCMH desires to partner with the community on any initiative that individuals or other organizations would like to focus attention. CCMH has begun a focus on improving provider availability and recruiting new providers in ways that have not been done previously. CCMH is also dedicated to improving the lives of the community through overall wellness. Part of this is making the public aware of the services offered and encouraging them to utilize local facilities. However, it is also recognized that CCMH must first show commitment to the community to have that reciprocated. Therefore, CCMH will begin its focus on objectives 6 & 7, listed above. Throughout the 2017 fiscal year, July 2016 – June 2017, CCMH will begin offering a series of charity events that encourage an active lifestyle. All profits from events, monies collected minus expenses, will be donated to local charities such as the food bank and/or children hunger projects. The monies donated will have a stipulation that all food purchased must be healthy options that promote healthy eating: no processed foods, sugary products, high fat, etc. 

By encouraging individuals to become active, and donating to a healthy eating lifestyle, CCMH hopes to impact change within the community that it serves. 

Jeff Stanley |  Chief Executive Officer
Cavalier County Memorial Hospital and Clinics